English for Science & Technology

Beispiel: Crash Course for Service Technicians & Application Engineers

2016 - English for Service Technicians & Application Engineers

Levels: should have intermediate (Mittelstufe) skills, 4-7 years school English to start off; if there is interest and need, we could also split the groups up according to skill level.

No more than 6 participants in a group.  Active participation must be guaranteed. The course can also be done “out-of-company” to insure quiet and concentration to reach learning goals!

The groups should not be composed of “best friends” but rather as diverse as possible to develop synergies within the department/s.

Each Module takes 2 days. If more than one is selected, they should be completed within 6 months.

Module  I: Communication Skills / Cross-Culture for Service and AW Technicians/AW: 2 days
- Social English - building trustful customer relationships, good manners in English,
- making arrangements, waiting or eating together, showing interest (!)
- Relevant aspects of cross-culture for dealing with international customers
- Vocabulary and practice
Module II:  Tech I – Explaining & Instructing – Description, Function, Process, Requirements (WHAT - HOW – WHY)
- English language functions and vocabulary: tenses, prepositions, sentence structure (word order), main verbs, nouns, etc., troubleshooting and finding solutions.
- Explaining processes and procedures, using  argumentative aspects
- Vocabulary and practice using Mahr products and customer-specific situations, including phone and e-mail

Module III: Tech  II – Discussion & Presentation Skills for Technical Presenting
- Comparing, convincing, agreeing & disagreeing, interrupting, suggesting, etc.
- Practicing meetings, presenting, more customer-specific situations
- Managing conflicts: difficult situations, gaining resilience and self-confidence