Cross-Cultural Communication

Beispiel: Interkulturalität und Interkulturelles Training 

Schritte zur Interkulturalität: Wie sehen sie uns? Wie sehen wir sie? Raum und Zeit  Living and Working Successfully in Germany / Doing Business with US-Americans.
Cross-Cultural communication/ Interkulturalität

I. Background/theories – new inputs from new generations:
- How cultures can be viewed (inputs and examples),
- Trompenaars, Hofstede & Co.: the basics of cultural relativity
- Culture shock: fight or flee?

II. Self-evaluation: Dos and Don’ts and Beyond
- How do we see them? How do they see us? Clichées and Stereotypes.
- Our cultural software: proverbs and sayings/role models /time and space
- Values, norms and assumptions/ action / process / people / ideas

III. What about business ? Implications and Applications
- The impact of culture on leadership: decision-making and responsibility,
- The Consulting Game: a case study
- Potential areas of conflict: hierarchy, teamwork, risk /communication strategies

Methods: presentation, discussion/feedback, exercises and activities, games


Cross-Culture ist ein Teil von On Beyond English, ein Serie von Workshops  für Teilnehmer mit guten Vorkenntnissen. Wir wollen die Schnittstellen zwischen sprachlichen und interkulturellen Kompetenzen besser zu verstehen und nutzen. Themen im Bereich Rhetorik und Kultur werden im Rollenspiel und vielen Übungen erkundet, e.g. Humor, Storytelling, usw..

Beispiel: Special English Focus: Humor, the Business Elixir

Humor is cultural:
- How do different cultures value and use humor?
- Comparing German and Anglo-American humor contexts
- No fun – no risk – humor can be risky sometimes, too!

Humor thrives on context:
- Context in the business world: meetings, discussions, presentations, etc.
- Forms and levels of humor: jokes, stories, comments
- Having fun with and making fun of – - - ??

Practice makes perfect:
- Empowering context and finding your favorites
- Narration as a good beginning
- The short comment: a powerful ally
- Hands-on-practice: exercises in in all kinds of situations
- Feedback and troubleshooting